$11.98. Reply 7 : Why not reuse the oil drain gasket? I did a search thinking this must have been talked about before but didn't find much.. Oil Drain Plug Gasket. Jul 8, 2006. Toyota day in dominican republic feb 6 2011 by ebi... Paul Coffey's Bolton Toyota - Has given me HORRIBL... VSC/Trac Off/Brake/ABS/(!) Oil drain plug size? The drain plug on my FJ hangs straight down. With the right technique of making sure they are flat, you can. A forum community dedicated to Can-am Commander side-by-side owners and enthusiasts. Be sure to use a new gasket. Replacement plugs are available in auto parts stores such as NAPA. If you have oil leaking from the bottom of the oil pan, it may be the fault of a leaky drain plug or gasket. A lot of people ask me the question, can I reuse crush washers? I reuse mine, but clean them very well and inspect them for and damage. The gasket on your drain plug should be good for many oil changes. £ 0,33 I have 3700 miles on mine and have used the same washer and o ring with no problems. Seal, oil drain plug. initial torque will cause surface to 'bite' into softer material and in doing so form an oil tight seal. It is a fact that most every professional technician and most OEM suggest changing them and the gasket with every oil service. May 13, 2006. Oil choice is crucial to making a deep fry work. However, I changed the oil and filter myself today, so they won't need to this time. 357 Posts . The drain plug gasket is pretty hard to see. Reply 1 : Why not reuse the oil drain gasket? Size wrench needed for oil drain plug on 1997? So far I've heard fiber, nylon, rubber, copper, aluminum, and steel referenced. I have to cut a few of drain plugs before and copper gasket are recommaned for one-time use anyways. Would there be a good replacement from a hardware store that would work equally well? It was really stuck on tight. Question about 99 Camry Rear Suspension Arms. without mods? But they are so cheap, I wonder why I bother reusing. This is the main reason why I started torquing my drain plugs 8 years ago. To help with that I have had the drain plug drilled out and tapped for a Fumoto drain valve. Where Can You Get Felpro 70820 Oil Drain Plug Gasket RatingsFelpro 70820 Oil Drain Plug GasketFelpro 70820 Oil Drain Plug Gasket InformationsFelpro 70820 Oil Drain Plug Gasket Entrust Your Car's Utmost Compression To The Volvo Head Gasket Amid the numerous challenging sections of a car, one ought to generally be professional in handling and handling… The sump does not drain completely when level so I raise the left side up when draining. Roof rack or rails that mount in roof channel? If the gasket is still round and flat (not distorted, cracked or warped) you're probably safe to reuse it. Reply 5 : Why not reuse the oil drain gasket? Reply 3 : Why not reuse the oil drain gasket? Lights ALL On! On their website you'll find premium Genuine OE (Original Equipment) replacement engine parts at great prices. just bought a 2000 corolla and i have a few questions, Australia / Queensland / Brisbane / SouthSiders. Come join the discussion about performance, accessories, specifications, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Most new North American cars do not require a gasket; some Asian and European cars still require a gasket. I was thinking of reusing them if they look ok and they do, anyone else ever tried to reuse these and did you have any leaks or problems if you did??? It's stuck on pretty good sometimes. KP 11126AA000 Engine Oil Drain Plug GasketCLICK HERE TO CHECK PRICE >>KP 11126AA000 Engine Oil Drain Plug Gasket Maserati GranTurismo Sport: Motor, Know-how and Protection Maserati has lately released the GranTurismo Activity, its new two doorway coupe with amplified effectiveness and exquisite sporty restyling. Not sure If I can get to a Toyota dealership and need to change my oil tomorrow. Thanks. Article number: ADA100105 . Buy Can-Am New OEM Drain Plug O-Ring Gasket, 420552280: Body & Frame Parts - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases ... Can-Am OEM Oil Filter Outlander Renegade Commander Maverick DS ATV UTV SSV 4.7 out of 5 stars 113. can i use HID's in my 2011 SE? Is the gasket itself a metal one that forms, or just rubber? I picked up several and after that experience just for peace of mind I will use a new one from now on. But the options stump me. I hate oil leaks and wanted to make sure I wasn't going to cause any issues by reusing the gaskets/rings.I have had Yamahas, Hondas and Kawasaki's in the past and never replaced any drain plug rings/gaskets. With newer automotive oil pan drain plugs, you can also get oversized plugs but I doubt you would get one in that style of plug/thread. Lowest cost site to pick up a BakFlip cover? 3. Is this a crucial gasket, I have seen some that reuse and some some that swear by the new ones. Every oil has a specific smoking point, the temperature where the oil starts breaking down and starts, well, smoking. But there’s a better way. Dorman 65310 AutoGrade Oil Drain Plug and Gasket Artificial Lubricants Provide Prolonged Drain Intervals and Strengthen Fuel Economic climate Utilizing synthetic motor oils and transmission fluids help you save our oil reserves and can increase gasoline efficiency of our vehicles. Might be worth checking out if the problem persists, but again, be careful because going too big can split a casting or pan. You want a crush washer or else the result is the drain plug threads get damaged from over-torque. JavaScript is disabled. Reply 8 : Why not reuse the oil drain gasket? 4. I use nylon/plastic gasket and only replace them … Cheap gaskets have also broken during tightening, so always choose the best engine oil drain plug gaskets for cars and trucks that you can get.