My daytime coughing is MUCH less severe than it was and it's only Monday. Diane. What's more, after the hydrogen peroxide has acted -- it breaks down to just water and oxygen and these waste products should not be a problem for your body. Can she use the aerochamber that she uses for taking her Flovent or would it not really work given that H2O2 is liquid and not powder? A friend pointed it out. Even if I did NOT have Coronavirus, this method should be used or attempted on those who do test positive unless they have other issues that would cause further harm with this attempt. If I am not mistaken, nebulizing n-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) is effective for cystic fibrosis. Member States may allow for exemptions from this Regulation in specific cases for certain substances or mixtures, where … 4th night, never took night time medication Salmeterol or Montelukast. Please watch the videos of Bo K. and also read the discussions in the forum Drugtargetreview:,, 1. Even just one or two doses. So your tight chest might be due to the pathogen die-off effect(due to released waste poisons from the pathogen die-off) and this is quite normal. Do not use 35% - this will burn you, nor use the hydrogen peroxide from drugstore as it is meant for wounds only, it also has stabilizers in it you don't need in lungs. By accessing or using this website, you agree to abide by the Medical Disclaimer, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy. Hello, I would love to know how you are doing now. I increased the times that I inhale the peroxide into my mouth to 7 or 8 times a day. They may occur 3 or 4 weeks after starting iodine supplementation, or 3 or 4 months later, or a year later. I participated in a nutrition class that eliminated certain foods from my diet (sugar, dairy, red meat/port, artificial flavors, sodas, fried foods) and noticed that during my training I did not have a need for my inhaler. I'm probably leaving out something. Walter knows more about peroxide than anyone on the planet. i know theyre gone now don't want to go back to verify. When I inhale 3% HP, I always have a little water after to rinse the HP out of my mouth. Some for industry, some for cleaning...etc. When taking iodine, there is GREATLY increased excretion in the urine of arsenic, mercury, lead, aluminum, and other toxic metals. He gave his the best of the EC spirit...freely. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. As God is my Witness I was scared as hell to do this. I spray 6 sprays, 2 times a day. Robert, hydrogen peroxide was well known for its healing quality before Bill Monro. Reading here various testimonials on oxygen .. 30am 6 puffs into lungs ( no side effects ), Day 3, same as day 2, = 6 puffs into lungs ( no side effects ), Day 4, stepped up to 8 puffs each time, ( no side effects ), Day 5, back to 6 puffs a time ( no reasons for this action ). Note: Before you start this technique, see how little of the peroxide you are actually inhaling by pumping 6 times into a teaspoon. Smokers need to go very slow. That was the first thing that I noticed while inhaling the peroxide. What happened to Bill, on 26th he has answered the mail. Was the dose right? Ok, things are not perfect but if you knew the amount I smoked you would understand, I have no doubt if I quit smoking I would have no problems at all. I personally use 12% hydrogen peroxide, and it is food grade! Put 8 to 10 drops in an 8 oz cup and drink it, four times a day. We have used hydrogen peroxide from the grocery store in a nebulizer. Not sure if that's anywhere near enough. "• A Throat Lozenge Containing Amyl Meta Cresol and Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol Has a Direct Virucidal Effect on Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Influenza A and SARS-CoV Recently, I had a chronic low level sinus and lung infection that has lasted for over 6 months that I blame on my addiction to ice cream. This does not mean I use one single session of nebulizing. If you want to, you can put it on your face but first spray it on your cupped hand, then close your eyes and rub it on your face. I was perscribed antibiotics at 1 pill a day for 10 days. Share this with others. i had a blue pump and i had a red pump and still my asthma got worse. I'm just concerned that she might not get the H2O2 into her lungs properly. I disagree with your view on the benefits of high dosage IVC (intravenousvitamin C). Back in 2015, I changed my milk type from regular cow's milk to Almond milk. I would keep it up. To learn more about our cookies, how we use them and their benefits, please read our Privacy Policy, Posted by Koy (Sofia, Bulgaria) on 11/02/2020, Posted by Conrad LeBeau (Wisconson - United States) on 05/16/2020, Posted by Joeann (Delaware) on 04/19/2020, Posted by Chad (Atlanta, Ga) on 04/18/2020, Posted by Gracie Gray (Dallas, Texas) on 04/09/2020, Posted by Cheryl H. (Rochester) on 04/08/2020, Posted by T. Moore (Louisiana) on 04/04/2020, Posted by Anonymouse (Travelling still but difficult now) on 03/21/2020, Posted by Craig (EC Facebook) on 02/27/2020, Incline Bed Therapy to Prevent Pneumonia (1, Bill Thompson\'s Protocol for Coronavirus Prevention + Recovery,,, That was over five years ago. If you are trying to get rid of a virus, pump every 2 hours or so. please email me or comment below. See: Iodine and Salt. I've had allergies to certain foods and have had stuffy nose forever, even had deviated septum surgery, but didn't help. Jun 2008. What I did find is the Hydrogen Peroxide Nebs did seem to make the Ventolin more effective and my consumption of Ventolin did decrease quite significantly once I started the H2O2 Nebs. On the last inhale of hp I did a rapid drum rhythm on the front and back of his chest. Take magesium l-threonate to calm the system. Wonderful man he was., In addition to Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide, he also discusses other virus treatments such as: Save more time for … The darker the color, the better as H2O2 is light sensitive. Is it ok to swallow this? I used a nasal spray pump. of and to in a is that for on ##AT##-##AT## with The are be I this as it we by have not you which will from ( at ) or has an can our European was all : also " - … Bill believed that you need to give the peroxide at his dosage (5 pumps, 6 times a day) 2-4 weeks to see results for viruses that have been in the bloodstream for some time (ie., lingering viruses). Also tried a little tad up my nose in case bugs were harboring there.