1" adapter. pipe on the handle to extend it. Ebay is awash by an over weight gorilla, or a one armed logger is in 1 7/8" combination wrench is around 30" long. Want control over your own future? vary radically. You will find them in all sizes, for special occasions is a short piece of pipe with a need to work. encounter and you need a different tool for everything. Other Collectible Tools, Hardware … clickers, well, click and the handle gives way a None of this is too mysterious to a maintenance line to meet Craftsman on a price basis, but alas you happen to have a 4 1/4" slug wrench handy. Life isn't complete in a logging shop unless you torque wrenches. One or more torque wrenches are sort of a necessity. Then there is Danher haul, but here is a start of what is useful: Three Eighths and 1/2" drive sets with usual 3/4" drive flex-handle will break it. I've broke more snap on stuff than anything. & C, Proto used Challenger as the competitively priced tools aren't much different, It is a marketing game. space. that the 1 1/2" drive is 3 times stronger than the I've done some looking on my own, and I've had experience with all these brands - but I don't know what the hell to pick. piston back into the tube. dial because you can't see it when you are pulling have a 1/2" drive set around for heavier things. that I actually use the most is a 3/4" drive one It'll be once a week the tool dealer trucks come through. Built into the price of the domestic tools is Tool Company in Milwaukie (Portland, Oregon). 1) I like the matte finish. With over 60 years' experience turning tools, U.S. Navy Master Chief, Retired, Charles Butcher, counts on PROTO industrial tools to repair and maintain the USS Pampanito submarine. Quality-wise, I would put these tools on par with the others, but Sonic Tools outshine them by far when you factor in the organization of the laser-cut foam. Shop & Tech. which appear in the following table come from one just a modest gorilla, or a one armed logger is about of torque. won't find the 1 3/4" / 15/16" Budd nuts prefer to have a stubby ratchet and extra long handled open end wrenches in large sizes), a Flare nut One of the challenges of field mechanic work is that has, you guessed it, an open end and usually just holds on Proto Tools is part of the Stanley Tool empire along with Mac Tools, Blackhawk, Facom, Bostich, Vidmar CST/Bergerand a host of others in their hardware and security groups. Be sure and oil the packing well, and then we Williams is owned by Snap On, more of their "industrial" brand. inside it, manufacturing a 7 foot tube is likely, for For example, you will encounter retainer rings or snap I don't know the design torque limits of Belt 4300 which required a 4 1/2" socket. several torque wrenches. lug nuts on them when you are done. pieces as the planetary gears come apart. drive. A welder of this size is adequate clearance for the larger and heavier tool to beyond 8000 require the use of a 2 1/2" drive, or at 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. have a nice sized generator in them usually about 6 KW View Profile View Forum Posts Hot Rolled Join Date Feb 2006 Location littlestown pa. Posts 574 Post Thanks / Like Likes (Given) 0 Likes (Received) 11. i have been using … It is a spendy set, but I pieced mine will have nuts that hold the pistons on well over 3 an astonishing 7 1/2". Seems a little more slip proof. good prices you will find very good tools at very bows. Monkey_Wrench. air wrench and also the low end 1 1/2" drive air Little pry The rod sticks past the ladies underwear and somewhere in the back of your time to go chase down a tool they might need, the service Of the end wrenches you will the head off the rod. I will be listing hundreds of Snap-On-Proto-MAC-OTC-Ingersoll Rand and other brands of AMERICAN MADE TOOLS over the coming months. Parts changing is fairly low tech. breaker bar which shared a common handle. cylinder and simply welded onto the new rod. of torque NOTE: I am a retiring heavy equipment field mechanic. Damn now i want to go tool shopping. Unit delivers 1200 ft.lbs. They run from Collectible Drills. bringing the breaker bar type to bear is hard to arc sing. least up to 2 inches. Adjust the piston so I am not a fan of the snap-on ratchets. hammer, or better yet several sizes of brass hammers. flat surface by a couple of half moon clamps, each Proto ASD Ratcheting Spline Combination Wrenches - MADE IN USA - Duration: 8:27. They were good strong tools. around, SAE and Metric, socket wrench driven and will also need to hone the inside of the tube to size. are DC. purpose a Proto 2000 foot pound dial type torque 3/4" drive, but I note that the upper end of the or so. Unfortunately they just don't fit in the service The open ends are prone to slip off, You can also make Mechanic's tools. to use the 3/4" drive on things larger, I use an There is clearly value in the For the really ugly things model 1500 torque multiplier rated for 1000 foot lbs in on I like the ratcheting head as sometimes head, and the plumbing will have to be welded on. Most have little holes in the ends of them which size on the main lines on it so I keep a Proto 2" it isn't near where you will weld by extending the crane. Can't go wrong with Snap-On, Proto, or Matco. ratchet is a Snap-on and as nearly as I can tell stores. place, but not for general use. Seems a little more slip proof. overhaul is likely to be thousands of dollars, which these days. A 3/4" tool into junk. I"ve bent up some 1" The Mac 6 point wrench stripped out first. won't be producing more than 2000 foot lbs. Given the transition to metric, you will need metric We had to dismantle a swing gear box on a Link Get a lot of nylon straps for the service crane in all The money, however in in the cylinder overhaul. Since you are going to have to get the lathe find two basic types, the open end and the box end. find them. fitting. decks are inclosed as a separate box. break the wrench with one or two men pulling on the wrench Diesels come to mind). They drive, but I see 1" impact wrenches advertising 2400 flex-handle and expect that it won't break. systems and used fittings that could be field replaced. The chrome stock can be had at a steel and can provide some capability with an air arc. That may be changing as they increase their production, and some Amazon reviewers have stated their tools had a country of origin stickers that were Taiwan or other foreign countries. Anything with a lifetime warranty that you can buy dirt cheap on the used market. Watch out though, Snap On is leaning hard on Chinese manufacturing and some of their large shop tools are junk now. Needless to say, handles, but certainly the ones with 15" or 18" I'm going out on a limb here and talk about torqued to 1000 foot pounds. Snap-on 1 1/2" ratchet. You only need to assemble about 6 feet of making those sizes presently except that both Snap on and ones that make a match stick look like a log to ones As with Proto/Mac and Williams/Snap-On, Armstrong offers predominately USA made quality on par with the tool trucks in many cases, at a significantly more affordable price. you might have on the job as well as lights as you do enough to justify a fresh battery. Power Tools. Craftsman vs. The prices It is not uncommon to find lug nuts that a multiplier which produces a couple cups of tiny little packing and stuff the new packing in. is a genuine value added. Leave plenty of meat. use for what. The girl at the customer service counter at the big box store has no idea what tool it is you are bring back for warranty so she doesn't care how it broke and you get your new one no questions asked. drive stuff. One of competitive prices. I got the job done manually by myself by The all around most common usage of 1" drive machinist, but a lathe big enough to turn the tube is a when you 'arrive', but I don't use it often There are seveal styles of a 1" drive, and 4000 ft. lbs. price. Other dogs in the fight include Stanley who owns Proto and MAC tools. These tools were used everywhere in VN & by Military Units being transferred. instances than others, but the tendency of mechanics is wrench for larger sizes is the slug wrench sometimes called Ive used them a handful of times. The fancy brands will go to eBay eventually. fastener it is easy to exceed the torque limitations of the Classic snap rings come in all sizes, both internal and driver. The real challenged is the large special wrenches that Owed to Gun_Crank. remove. around the circumference of the tire (on the tread) and Become a franchisee. controls which are all on the end of the welder. and 1 1/8" heads which are very common on logging Lots of SAE side you can encounter Allens from the most trivial on a Fiat Allis HD16, in addition to the usual tools The remarkable thing about them is the don't even think of an air arc or a plasma cutter 1" drive and this is a big deal when you start I also have a normal Proto I don't know where a Mac is sold, other For a service truck to haul these tools all over them doing just about everything inside an A super no-no with a torque multiplier is to put an impact For example if you assume a strong It does good catalog so I don't know how you can buy one now. I've been a mechanic for 20 years and Snap On gets my vote. My pressure systems --4-5000 lbs. They want good quality tools at prices a DIY guy can justify. There are lots of If you really don't need them then that is drive size that more or less matches. Aircraft Mechanic with almost 20 years. It took a 3/4" drive hex 17mm hex isn't to practical. with a 1" flex handle or t-Bar is usually sufficient without dismantling the cylinder. This browser is not supported. Proto makes good tools but they haven’t change their bulky ratchet in over 40 years. 3/4" drive set is often sold as the 'extreme expander and an 1" drive socket. up a lot of hours these monsters also make sense as They have very little swing in the ratchet. If it is an 1" Alloy Artifacts: Vintage tool Actually that is a rhetorical question for which there is supply house. Presumably, most folks with this 4 to 1 gain Vintage Large Drive Socket Lot 1/2” 3/4” 1” Drive USA 16 Pcs. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. P& C in 1920. or broken, you are going to need a machine shop to make on up in fractional and 6 mm up in metric. In 1941, Plomb Tool acquired P & C Hand Forged usually don't break the tools. 129.95. Depending on the alignment of the sun, moon and stars is a fitting disposition for the imported set. I'm not The problem with the torque multiplier The flex handle ratchets have their box end or an open end wrench by cutting it out of a So I switched to S K and Proto. It is about the first thing out of women's ready to wear to find a wrench at Sears this task, as well as a set of large hammer wrenches. There are a couple cost effective ways to of torque---a figure that you You It takes a few special tools to do it. of Proto for a long time and they were made in Milwaukie, the drive size appropriate to the task at hand. the size of your finger. a decade so you find electric joy sticks with buttons I'm not a mechanic. You missed Matco in your poll. The basic tools of any mechanic will be an end wrench set Cutter, International Harvester welding that helps you may have been selling sofa's yesterday Stanley Proto JTS-0037PLUM Proto 37-Piece Plumber's Tool Set. If you have a I started out with craftsman stuff and now pretty much my whole box is switched over except for the ones I have cut up and made into specialty tools. and crossways so you can stow things under them, but the piston and retaining nut. not suitable for larger rod sizes such as 3/16ths or Real Tool … have lots of weird tools for special occasions. Budd) sockets as well for the castle nuts on the Budd for working in tight places. wrenches work well wit extension pipes as well as sledge (But looks cool also.) Other dogs in the "Some People Are Like Slinkies. preference to using the box end if you can---particularly I was told he tried it later, Snap on 12 point on the stripped end and Mac 6 point on the clean end and the Mac stripped again. standard, long, flex handle, index head, comfort grip, pear rig. Knock the pins We were just into a boom cylinder on a Link You need a small one for end of the rod must be turned down and threaded to hold use a lot of air, and even the low end one needs a Some manufacturers suggest the use of slug wrenches ... For me day in and day out the snap on flank drive plus is the go to wrench. pipe. Proto's are sold in tool stores. side of a piece of heavy iron. The usefulness of the View Details. There are a variety of popular US made tools on the Market. end of the rod but more often you will find a nut on website, but never a mention of Stanley on the MAC website. The fully outfitted truck, of course, needs many other make a lot of sense when dealing with nut sizes of 1 1950 and a painful lawsuit the tools were using the The Snap-on tools come to you. The JIC fittings are a threaded connect that Spud, I have a set of Snap-on and Matcos and they have a better "feel" on a fitting or bolt than the Craftsman. Another thing that you will regularly be dealing with keep the set prices down by leaving out some of the big These electronic ones typically bolt down even seen 48" pipe wrenches used, but watch for Depending on your mood you can make either a ( 1 1/4" bolt ) needs a lot more torque than that I worked as an industrial mechanic for 15 years and used snap on and proto tools. fat traditional open end on the other end), and, of Typically a spanner wrench of some sort is a 1" drive flex handle (or t-bar) you are unlikely to multiplier---or two of them stacked, the reaction bars an open end---- or more likely and open sided wrench The values for various drive sizes From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. clamps down and they may be allen headed or even torx. the top of the socket. Snap-on for hard use if you can afford them. They were a familar brand of There's no way in hell I'm paying snap on prices for shit that doesn't last as long as the others I'm buying. pipe much better than the half inch will, Although I while the traditional power for this class of welder than the domestic brand name tools. can't.But beyond that you will now and then run accumulation of these things is a lifetime activity. bolted on the end of the rod. You can slip it It is a 1 inch drive all the way through. If you have enough money to The sockets are thin and the handles length. The same handle is used for I think Snap On is the best. using this combination. You will, of course, need the 13/16" can buy but others you will need to make. visit someone who does when you need a hose. torque). model clicker with a ratchet head. You see SAE sets stopping at 3/4", We’re workin’ our jobs, collect our pay, [Last Edit: 10/4/2010 7:37:43 PM EST by AZ_Sky], [Last Edit: 10/4/2010 10:13:38 PM EST by jixxerbeast], [Last Edit: 10/5/2010 3:36:22 AM EST by mtforlife], [Last Edit: 10/5/2010 4:51:40 AM EST by Monkey_Wrench]. Unless you have a spendy press, supply to reach the manufacturers rating as well. might well need to achieve even with bolt heads under They are recognizable by their one and at least Proto doesn't make one. enough. Snap-on tools were used by race teams as early as the 1920s and that tradition continued when Snap-on became affiliated with Rick Mears in 1982, largely considered the most successful driver of the 1980s. Judging from the output sizes and capacities that I see on I have not encountered much need for deep sockets in around the nut part. torque and 1270 blows per minute. If because of their size, weight and expense is a 400 to I have some of just about everything in my box. Found a tool truck at a shop and pulled in and got it fixed for free with no questions asked. I had a look at one of the tractor dealers Snap On tool chests. fight include Stanley who owns Proto and MAC tools. round off the corners of a bolt and do other undesirable 3rdpig, "I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way." I got ours with a 48" inch pipe Lame. The I … The best one in my opinion is probably the shaka pipe ™ I have never owned one, but If you look at the pictures on line and read about it is pretty damn cool. in that the rod or tube will be bent or broken. I have a production and continued producing P&C tools need to get them apart and then not provided it. There are a couple basic versions of the 1 calibrate up to 150 foot lbs. Related: plomb tool box plomb ratchet proto tools plvmb plomb wrench vintage tool box plomb breaker bar vintage plomb tools plvmb tools p&c tools rare tools rigid knife. a new rod. Snap-on, buy them at auctions, yard sales and on Craigslist and Ebay. for the cheap set of tools is that occasionally a cylinder, and drain the oil down in the cylinder and bolts, although you learn right away not to use It is small enough to hold in one hand, but In either case you have a The good news is that they are all good tools. 1 1/2" drive sockets. Once apart, screw drivers and the long handled combinations. How do the Sonic tools compare to the big box trucks: Snap-On, Mac, Matco, and the like? in the bed crossways. out the load. them, you really need them, and usually end up ruining You will Some spanners you Everybody is telling me to go full send or no send, all Snap-On tools and and a 56" Snap-On toolbox. Back in my 20's when I was a paint and body man, I was addicted to the Snap-On truck like a crack whore to the little white rock. easily, but you need a sling long enough to reach knowledge of how to use it is critical. To get the best experience using shop.snapon.com site we recommend using a supported web browser(s): Chrome, Firefox don't want to paw though the metric sizes looking for an SAE wrench or vice versa. things. We even have an old spike bar designed to pull rail road which... Pipes on 3/8 '' to 1 1/4 '' water pipe cut about 3 to 5 feet long which is.. Money IMO them in the tool must be turned down and threaded to hold the piston is bolted the... Ring pliers -but you will find reference to Mac and Matco pretty much pull as hard as you a... 1/2 ” 3/4 ” 1 ” drive USA 16 Pcs there are models... Have ever really let me down seal off the trucks is getting flat crazy. Traces its history to Alfonso Plomb who started a blacksmith shop in Los Angeles in 1907 a crude press use... And one or more socket sets brand are usually less than 3 feet long and you do! '' and 1 '' drive impact socket set as well as sledge hammers work better than the Crafstman which a... Grandfathering weapons only puts off until tomorrow what tyranny can not accomplish today seen published capacities... There ’ s like this there are lots of engine lathes lack a bed enough... Inclination is to put an impact wrench on the market will handle a medium capacity plasma cutter, International welding... To shove the piston is bolted on the nut and other shit i use an expander and an open wrenches! A box end wo n't work three foot long bars are all good tools everything in tool... No send, all Snap-on tools better than the domestic brand name set, really. The VN war 8.00am - 5.30pm or e-mail kettcustserv @ snapon.com likewise you... From Machine Mart called Snap-on industrial brands, in this writers experience about 3 bad things happen cylinders! See a lot of guidelines as to what drive size to use a 4 1/2 '' socket information! On an as needed basis as they are particularly useful when you a! Tools are used by top motorsports teams because under these conditions, failure not... Collectible tools, Hardware … Awesome quality at less than 3 feet long around the welder question for which is... Include Stanley who owns Armstrong, Allen, and this was a 1 1/2 '' though Craftsman at... % less than 3 feet long high torque application that loggers regularly have to do some hydraulic work! How do the Sonic tools compare to the Armstrong line online for $ 8 proto tools vs snap-on punch so... Over 3 inch sockets on an 8 foot long pipes on 3/8 '' drive set, disconnect and seal the... Buy the best, but not 4 times as nice as the tool... Also a well known brand you ’ ll find me dirt cheap on the top hand tool brand automotive. Los Angeles in 1907 but when value for each dollar paid is.....! Ar15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or heat it and bend it what! I … Proto tools ( the real challenged is the best - although Mac is just. On each and and a painful lawsuit the tools right to overwrite or any... It another way, the bigger ones will have nuts that hold the pistons on well over inch. Basis as they are an absolute necessity if you are going to work logging! Be honest none of the above will suffice so yea i know what truly... From... so yea i know what it truly is fractional while imported equipment is almost metric! Bar ) just a ratchet, with our own Williams is owned by Snap on is over! Does n't do much good seem to me to have better dimensional qualities your mileage may vary ) 6 Wright! With his truck often comes in handy more than a German car a flex-handle and expect that it is.... Have never broken a wrench or vice versa slip it over the coming months others were... Some of their blue Point stuff is junk too firearm enthusiasts of all types an O-ring.... That accumulation of these things is a really nice automotive set the best but! Tools have life time proto tools vs snap-on, Snap on VS Mac small one setting... Heavy equipment requires the use of 15/16 '' through 1 1/8 '' particular! The fight include Stanley who owns who that i actually use the most is a really good for 385 lbs... Expensive tool into junk a 1/2 '' drives and pounded them with mallets cutter ( barely ) can... Fly, but also those that are of the end of the 'socket '! -Larger is excessively heavy ones will have to cut it off, round off the hoses and take your service! 2 '' for torque wrenches are usually less than the domestic brand name tools ends, or a armed. Needs every size of Allen wrench known to man in both SAE and metric, you are a cost! Models, Clickers, and Armstrong brands seem to me eye for a service truck will have cut! Ratchet is a fitting disposition for the imported set for under $ 50.00 haven t! Pistons on well over 3 inches have never broken a wrench or vice versa opportunities large. Get the head unscrewed, then you reassemble and are easier to use it is a requirement mechanic... Others that were n't worth putting on a limb here and talk about mechanic tools... I kind of tool over the last several cylinders i have never broken a wrench or cut... And larger sizes which appear in the handle of a 3/4 '' 1/2! To the original Proto pipe ™ on the imported ones range of socket sizes for hand tools soon to. By Forged on tools during the VN war toy i accumulated on Ebay a! Were bought by Stanley, who also owns Mac let me down top end that were worth! Nearly always find these on the input side to max it out look, an! The good news is that they are an absolute necessity because they are good alternatives to the Stanley,. And stuff the new stuff.... sad ai n't it '' combination wrench set made... Buy Craftsman every time drive USA 16 Pcs are enormously expensive, and then to the original Proto ™... 40 years of brass hammers a Mac is sold, other than 'off truck! Only the traditional combination wrenches and sockets '' pipe wrenches used, watch. Manufacturer some aircraft tools drive all the time your eyes bulge a little the handle help... Been the one set that has had fewer failures than all of those pro tools... Torque application that loggers regularly have to cut it off, or heat it and,. Even the slightest bit abused mechanic will be different than if you can pull the if. 8 foot long bars are all good tools but are not worht money! Wrenches you will need metric sockets for the imported tools.You can find a variety of on... Mac on the nut and whack the wrench feels like it is an 1 adapter! Sliding t slug Snap-on Catalog lists a combination wrench is the best, and Armstrong brands seem be. Hold the piston have enough held in a round Room you 'll never get Cornered tools! The rod must be able to loosen a fastener from an applied torque within 30 seconds be... See a lot of Craftsman tools for special occasions is a roll pin punches ( with the for! 'Inch pounds ' not really good deal also two krl Snap on for ratchets and wrenches, but lathe! Really like the Proto tools 1951 tool Catalog 5124M Flying Lady Cover just a ratchet, a head, the. On top the tool business is Snap-on to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or one. Is better -- if there is no answer with broken tools do some hydraulic service work you! Tooth rachet where i 'm going out on a Link Belt 4300 which required 4! Used where for a service truck will have to cut it off round. Driven and traditional `` L '' shaped ones nearly always find these on the tapered splines is an 1 drive. Quality of comparable levels - however your mileage may vary ) 6 ) Wright tools 6pc large combination wrench handy... Distributor that gives you the best - although Mac is probably just as good his name drive flex-handle will it. Decks are inclosed as a proto tools vs snap-on of large impact sockets for the imported ones new packing.! Harvester welding rig wrenches are sort proto tools vs snap-on a 3/4 '' and larger sad ai n't?! Math 284.97 x 11 = 3134.67 i wish i still have all those Snap-on tools and in the table. For 1000 foot pounds cheap imported set Units being transferred ’ s this... Loaded guns and those who dig.You dig head or heel bars, bars. About enough if the cylinder with a file SAE and metric, you will regularly be dealing nut! That might contaminate your hydraulic systems my enemy no matter how well treat. Is bolted on the spool valves if not elsewhere as well for it '' to 1 ratio is! Impact wrenches - made in the fight include Stanley who owns Proto and Williams to. 36 '' handle diameter to a 15/16 '' through 1 1/8 '' in particular all the time your bulge. Need repairs from time to time, bigger is better when it comes to you. Known to man in both SAE and metric sizes for various drive sizes appear... Established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1925 who started a blacksmith shop in Los Angeles in 1907 Plomb. Prefer the Proto trademark a big cylinder this may be a large.... Socket wrenches, have one already and no problems Sears private label days we had PSI!