are inherited from the following section. You may or may not want that. Sometimes when you erase a section break between two sections, your intention is for the second section to follow the first, not the other way around. 2. Now, user has broken the link of that particular section of the document to the previous section’s header or footer. Unlink the header/footer from the previous section. Step 5: Press the Delete key (not the Backspace key) on your keyboard to remove the section break. When you remove a section break, the section properties (e.g., header, footer, margins, etc.) You can use the similar methods to remove the headers from your Word document. The toolbar at the top of the window will display your header's options. Step V: Now user can easily remove the Header and Footer from the page by just deleting the Header or the Footer from the page. If you delete the section break, the content of the section adopts the formatting of the next section immediately. In today's lesson, you will learn how to remove section breaks in Word 2019.Open Word document you need. Under the Header & Footer tab of the Ribbon, you will see the Header item and Footer item in the sub-item list. Put a section break at the beginning of the first page that you want to retain the header/footer. Now, all text or other stuff in the footers section should disappear. One click to remove all (Page/Column/Section) breaks from selection or whole document in Word. If you wish to add another section break to a document, click at the point where you wish to add the break, select the Layout tab, then click the Breaks button and choose the desired type of section break. When editing your Header or Footer, you can add different widgets, such as page numbers, date & time, document info, or other quick parts. I was looking for a way how to do that, but all proposed work flows only allow me to remove contents of a header or footer but not header or footer it self. Designing your Header or Footer. Even Page – Insert a section break and start a new section on an even-numbered page. In consequence header is still on pages of this section only it is empty. To delete a section break, click the symbol and press Delete. This will remove the Header or Footer from the page. Deleting a Section Break If you haven't yet added a header, first click the header template you want to use in the drop-down menu, enter your header text, and double-click the "Header" tab below the header text. Microsoft Word stores the formatting specific to a section in the section break located at the end of it. This will make the button de-selected. Go back to the first section and delete the header and footer. As you have unlinked the sections, the deletion will only apply to the first section. Remove the header and footer from the first page in active document. Just click on Footer and then choose Remove Footer from the drop-down menu. Doing so has repercussions, however, Word will apply the next section's formatting to the section preceding the section break. It's at the bottom of the drop-down menu. After adding a section break, you need to break the link between the previous section and the newly added section, as follows: Double-click in the new section's header space. Odd Page – Insert a section break and start a new section on an odd-numbered page. I have problem because I want to remove header and footer from one of sections in my word document. If you just want to remove the header and footer from the first page of current document and keep others, please do as this: 1. Open the Word file and go to the first page that you want to remove the header and footer, and then double-click the header area into editing mode. Click Edit header.