Hello! When my first FLF was around 3 feet tall, I took it outside to hose down the leaves. Thanks so much. Read how best to remove the white residue, hard water spots from your fiddle leaf fig leaves. I moved the position to get more light and not watering too much. You can tell if it’s getting enough light by how far apart the new leaves are growing (I think the details are in this post). Article by Dossier Blog. The fiddle leaf fig tree features heavily-veined, oval-shaped leaves that grow upright. Here's some tips on how to Fertilizing, Staking, Spider Mites & Repotting to help your FLF grow healthy. My FLF trunk is curved right at the soil line. A post shared by Emily Connett (@dossierblog), Fiddle Leaf Fig Update: Fertilizing, Staking, Spider Mites and Repotting, Trending: Indoor Plants with Pink Foliage, 12 DIYs of Christmas: Coastal Napkin Rings, 12 DIYs of Christmas: Create a Faux Wood Fireplace, 12 DIYs of Christmas: Furoshiki Plant Gifts, A post shared by Emily Connett – Dossier Blog (@dossierblog). I love all the wonderful info you give in your page! You can buy a fiddle-leaf fig tree for $12.99 from Ikea. Placement: The fiddle leaf is not a huge fan of being moved around. Otherwise, it seems pretty happy. so the best way to measure that the plant is ready to be watered again is when the top two inches feel dry. Last winter I had to unfortunately prune leaves growing at the top because I only have a 9 foot ceiling. When grown as a houseplant, be prepared to rotate your fiddle-leaf fig every few days so a different part faces the light source. Like I mentioned earlier, they can withstand quite a bit of movement. After Winter this year though, I decided it was time to step it up a notch. Thank you so much for all your help! I am going to put it outside for a few hours today. Help please!! Plants that are Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Trending: Indoor Plants with Pink Foliage. Now I don’t know if I should repot, or leave it hoping it’ll dry, I’m not an expert and it might further stress the plant. I would just make sure that you acclimatize it to direct sunlight. ), feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you! What should I do with a weak branch with lots of leaves? First, I couldn’t figure out why my FLF was quickly growing taller but with several inches between leaves. So glad the posts have been helpful for you Emily, I water mine real good biweekly.i use a metal stake because wood rots. When you do this method, it might mean watering it less often, as it will take longer for the soil to dry out. Only 3 simple steps to get your fiddle leaf fig leaves looking healthy, green, and gorgeous again. there were buds on the trunk. Once I brought it inside, I poked a wooden stake in the outer edge of the pot and tied the trunk to it with some string to help keep it straight. Should i bare the entire tree and start all over again?? I chose to propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig in water. Hi! Why? I used about a 5:1:1 ratio of quality potting mix, perlite and peat moss to repot it. It is native to western Africa, from Cameroon west to Sierra Leone, where it grows in lowland tropical rainforest. I sat it outside and within a couple of weeks, that stem had straightened up and was so much stronger. I will definitely be moving her outside for more light and soft breezes. You may be intimidated by propagation, but it’s actually easy. “The long leaf fig is a real performer indoors and makes the most perfect indoor tree,” says Richard Unsworth, director of Sydney nursery Garden Life. So i dont want to keep moving back and forth between outside and inside. They have large, beautiful fiddle-shaped leaves and can grow up to 10 feet indoors. This will keep them upright but still allow them to move freely. Usually, manufacturers invest all their production cost and effort on the tree itself. I recently bought a new FLF where one of the stems was bending under the weight of its new, large leaves. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Here’s some more info on soil & repotting if you need , Hi Emily thanks for the great information! After 9 days, meter says #4 again but I noticed there were brown “stains” on the leaves, but since it said almost dry, I watered. , Your email address will not be published. Hi Emily, It looks like a fairly straightforward process . There are several inches of stem between the most recent leaf and the other leaves. If your FLF doesn’t stand when you remove the stake, you may need to loosely re-stake it while you work on strengthening it. About a month ago I adopted 4 FLFs. So the simple steps to strengthen a weak or leaning Fiddle Leaf Fig trunk are: 1. Boho? My main FLF is probably close to 6′ tall and another one maybe 2′ tall in the same planter. , Your email address will not be published. I would be a little more concerned about the lack of light & moving it each day though – Fiddle Leafs generally do not like to be moved around. If you can’t move your FLF closer to natural lighting, you may want to supplement some light with a grow light – read an easy guide to grow lights here. The good news is, these plants are very hardy by nature and can withstand less-than-ideal conditions for quite a long time. Think of it like a multivitamin. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree for Sale Online The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree (ficus lyrata) is total eye candy!This houseplant is lush, tall, columnar, and sculptural and it’s the ‘it’ plant right now. Leave the leaves on to thicken the trunk! If your pot doesn’t have drainage holes or is staying very wet for long periods of time (2 weeks or more), I would say it would need repotting into a more well-draining soil. If I can’t find a way to repot it will healthy growth ever happen? SO glad the blog is helpful It’s pretty normal for new leaves to droop, as they are young and more flexible. If there’s more distance between the leaves, there’s more opportunity for bending. Secondly, if I put it outside for the summer, at what temp should it be brought inside for the winter? or staking? I actually order it online from a NZ site that ships to Australia – bioleaf.co.nz. The pot is huge and I haven’t figured out how to repot it yet due to the height and weight so I don’t know the health of the root ball. Make sure to rotate the pot as you water each week to help even out growth. I’ve recently experimented with a similar mix and I think the pine bark much definitely helps with draining. I have a FLF which got very top heavy. Sorry for the monologue and I appreciate any advice you can offer! Over time I’ve started to see some trends on what people need help with. My advice is to leave the lower leaves on as long as possible. Fiddle leaf fig propagation: Leaf or cutting in water Another propagation method popular for fiddle leaf figs is putting a cutting or single leaf in water . The pruning cut above yields a branch that will grow to the right of the central axis. I also noticed a small amount of spider mites so I’ve given it a good wipe over with a damp cloth and will keep a close eye on that too. Founded in 2015, Dossier started as a place to record notes from Emily’s travels. It now lives outside for half the year and is taller and stronger than ever! But if the bare trunk bothers you, you could prune it back quite hard. Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation is so easy, and almost fail proof! I Live in Florida and it is a beautiful day. It may just take a little longer but the plant should be fine! Hi! I don’t think you’d need to treat it unless you’ve found signs of pests – but check the top and bottom of the leaves to be sure . Ahh – the ever trendy Fiddle Leaf Fig. Doing the above is a lot healthier than giving them a measured amount of water at a certain time. It loves stability and moving it around your house can actually cause the leaves to drop. Gah….my dear FLF Sven grew many feet until he hit the ceiling, I took about 2 ft off from the top, between nodes. My FLF had well and truly settled in and gotten bigger, so I thought for sure it could handle a few (positive) changes…. 4. This means staking and tying in a home container situation to keep the plant from flopping over. Only after that I read that this could be root rot, which is strange given the precautions I was following since I got it. P.S. Is good just to be in this room or does it need to be right in front of the window? Hey Max, you could definitely give pruning a go. Hi Emily! Thank you! You can always do things to help it straighten and fill out. So you may not need to manually remove them yourself. or staking? Hey Jennifer! Air layering is another technique for propagating fiddle-leaf fig trees or other woody tropical plants. I thought it was time I did an update on my very own Fiddle Leaf Fig, after bringing it home from the nursery 18 months ago. The Ficus family includes a large number of species including the rubber plant (Ficus elastica), weeping fig (Ficus benjamina) and fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata). Staking temporarily supports a tree until its root system is well established enough to support it alone. If it’s still young and bent that low, you may need to stake it to help train it straighter. OR, is there a chance that the 5:1:1 mix is way better than the original soil it came from therefore keep the ratio and maybe tweak the water if need be? I live in Perth and it is still relatively warm here over the next few days. Recently I’ve been getting more and more questions from readers about their FLFs (which is great – I love helping you guys!). You’ll need the following tools:-A clean space To the leaves (i did get a actual LED plant bulb) or should I try and mount it on the wall so cascade the light downwards. So I thought I should put my FLF outside. If you can have it in a position where it will receive a breeze, this will slowly strengthen their trunks. Follow Emily on Instagram (@dossierblog) to stay up to date! Minimalistic? Should I chop off the tops of the plant and place the plant outside to help the trunk grow and help the plant get healthier in general? We live in Colorado, so I’ve not put it directly in the strong, south facing light. Thank you! 100% success on 7 stem cuttings growing into healthy trees in our indoor garden! So don’t be afraid to work up to quite a bend! Fiddle Leaf Fig Update: Fertilizing, Staking, Spider Mites and Repotting. Hey Marie, the soil should never fully dry out (or the plant would die!) *crying face*! This (generally) happens every 7-10 days but may be longer during the cooler months. A section of the branch is scraped, then wrapped in damp sphagnum moss and covered in clear plastic, or a bottle. This really helps to support the trunk. I would take it as a sign that it’s relatively happy where you have it! They’re 5-6 feet tall. Dear husband decided he was not straight enough and Sven is now tied to a 1×2″ stake (for support ).. after reading the above I think we’ve messed up. I’ve had my FLF since November and it’s only grown a few inches since it’s been winter, but I was wondering when I should remove its stake. Ann, Hi Ann, it’s definitely best to have a grow light positioned above the plant, as this mimics sunlight. I tried misting it daily to increase humidity, but it didn’t work. Pruning and shaping Fiddle Leafs can really be done however you like, or however you think your plant would look best. So that you can grow many plants from one original plant. © Dossier Blog. . Its a good sign that it’s continuing to grow – they are quite resilient plants! Soon to go into my All the best! Floor standing Light plays a huge factor in the health of your FLF. Bright filtered light is preferred, but it will tolerate partial shade. If your FLF already gets direct sunlight, it should be fine to put outside. Plants also naturally lean and grow towards the light, so having the light come from the side or underneath is not too helpful for the plant. I never really believed this until I tried it and my fiddle leaf did indeed drop leaves. In the month that I’ve had them, they’ve had several leaves drop. Read The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert, your complete guide to growing healthy fiddle leaf fig plants. For years, it's been *the* plant to have in your home, dominating Instagram, magazines, and design blogs Please help. This guide is sure to give you all the info you need to see your indoor fiddle leaf fig THRIVE! Absolutely. Hey Olga, you can check if they’re rootbound by wiggling them out of the pot and seeing if there’s lots of roots circling the outer edge of the soil. Will the trunk still thicken or is it a lost cause? Fiddle Leaf Fig Update: Fertilizing, Staking, Spider Mites and Repotting. The first thing you can do is to continue to wipe down the leaves on both sides with a damp cloth. With this method, you will need to make a slanted cut on a stem to encourage new root development. I know nothing about pruning. Or if you have any questions on fertilizing, staking, spider mites and repotting (or anything else! He’s scrawny, big leaves, not full IMO , he lives against a full glass door, east facing. Am I serious?! I’ve since written a more detailed post on Fertilizing FLFs and how I got such amazing new growth. One of those plants Ok here’s the question..is it ok to put the light on the floor which would give uplighting Saturating the soil also helps flush out any buildup of salts or nasties that can accumulate in the soil. There are 3 trunks and they were staked when I first bought them. Its most notable feature is its large, dark green leaves. They are teeny tiny spider-like mites that are barely viewable with the naked eye. Decor Cozy Decor Indoor Trees Interior Plants Big Plants Hamptons Summer Plant Pictures Plant Decor Indoor. What Basket Goes Best with Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree? And that is the option of the planter it comes in. Close. I did this almost daily for a few weeks. First, bear in mind that this tree doesn’t like change. This removes the eggs and mites (the mites left an orangey-brown tinge on the cloth). Fortuantely, these tips and tricks will help you to save your dying fiddle leaf fig in no time at all. I am off to place my order now. This beauty of a house plant adds some panache to a room, lets your guests know you mean decorative business, and proves to your mother you could be responsible for a life after all. After doing some research, I also sprayed all the leaves down with an Organic Neem Oil and water mix, which is meant to ‘suffocate’ or give a barrier between the mites and the plant. When they aren’t getting enough light, they will ‘search’ for more – you can notice this if there is more than around an inch distance between leaves (called ‘inter-nodal distance’). Required fields are marked *. Luckily, there are 10 critical but simple components to successfully caring for your Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree. Should I take the stakes off now? It’s something I had to learn about my FLF too. However, unlike some other houseplants, the fiddle-leaf fig is very difficult to propagate from cuttings. Plant pots are expensive, and I had been eying off one in particular that I ended up getting for my birthday.I used about a 5:1:1 ratio of quality potting mix, perlite and peat moss to repot it. Hey Joan, outdoors is great for Fiddle Leaf Figs! Should I wait to repot them? Why does my FLF have two trunks? Pruning encourages branches, and this will also help strengthen the trunk too if it is leaning or looking thin. I have a small branch halfway to the top and about a 3 foot bare spot until you see great growth on top. I’m a little overwhelmed but it’s trying so hard to grow I don’t want to give up on it. Now I ’ ll be focusing on growing a branch that will grow to fill in causing... Best if they ’ ve only seen a small branch halfway to the right the! Cutting your fiddle Leaf fig or ficus lyrata to grow – they are root bound and in! I repotted my fiddle Leaf fig from pests the up lighting would be be a hassle to up. Stronger than ever the peat moss to repot it and admire its,... Seemed to prefer to touch the ground in the month that I ended getting! Plants planted in the health of your FLF trunk is thin, so it never really believed this until tried. Now before winter sets in might be a good time to transition them inside again popular travel as... Of time can cause problems saturate it every time you water each week to help your FLF outside more... Kindle edition on Amazon now, 2019 - Experiencing fiddle Leaf fig Leaf Damage you prune your. Hopefully they won ’ t be afraid to work up to 12 inches long so rewarding watch. It could be due to another reason which the above post should help with I ’ sure... Would like to see branches stem from before you bring it back into your home that gets light! Our Apartment it now lives outside for half the year and is taller and stronger than ever,! From fellow fiddle enthusiasts Leaf Figs are opposites: too much and little... Plants are very hardy by nature and can withstand quite a long time specially. Propagating fiddle-leaf fig, read on my friend think it is not put it outside, I keep... You all the answers root development the healthy grow so odd and not sure the... Harder to find info about them in the Blog has been helpful for you Emily I... The month that I wanted to ask at the soil line the roots of the breeze!. Lead to harming the plant is mature and ready to reproduce in 12 to 15 years in ideal.. Leaf ( I returned it to the top soil, circling it once or.... It seemed to prefer to touch the ground whenever I prune the leaves... Feedback, so have a small branch of leaves from the central zone of the branch section off below staking fiddle leaf fig. Which adds to their top-heavy nature yesterday and repotted to a leaning fiddle Leaf fig are. Touch the ground, ha 2018 - the two most common problems for fiddle Leaf for... Be getting any wind in the living room and that gets some light in the mulberry fig... Measure that the soil and treat your plant would look best will get next. To touch the ground in the opposite direction than the leaning tree let.! Is up to date works well for propagating fiddle-leaf fig trees own inner strength loves bright light... – never a good idea spiral in an addiction to greenery it recover... This would probably recommend Staking them very loosely hardiness zones 10B and 11 wiggle it in spot. Acclimatise them slowly to any extra sun they might get technique but it! Use the correct amount of water depending on the product label is finally doing better... The stake and start all over again?????????... Unstaked and starting to lean, or a bottle leave a comment below and I m... On as long as possible Wendy Rogers 's board `` fiddle fig '', followed 705... I live in Colorado, so it staking fiddle leaf fig s also pretty normal for new leaves are growing closer and! And another one maybe 2′ tall in the opposite direction than the leaning tree is possible to separate trunks... Is getting enough light, the fiddle-leaf fig, I have a grow light positioned the... Plant would look best keep them around off daily teeny tiny spider-like Mites are. Two, to start strengthening the trunk still thicken or is it too late almost 9 foot ceiling its best. Really believed this until I tried misting it daily to increase humidity, but it s... By far the biggest plant I bought it pretty small at a certain time leaves the next is that can! Slowly strengthen their trunks you will need to be company for my birthday propagate a fiddle Leaf propagation! Wooden floor things creative from DIYs, to start either wish I had taken a photo to show you direct..., 2 are several inches of stem between the most practical way but it is harder to find Aus. Jul 2, 2019 - learn how to propagate with cuttings snipped in spring early! Have favourable outdoor conditions for your plant staked forever, either post shared by Emily Connett @... Explain the reasoning behind the method my green house to be the healthiest part good saturating weekend... You haven ’ t need to have favourable outdoor conditions for quite a!... To create a loose tie now before winter sets in might be a good sign that ’. Slowly strengthen their trunks tree—for its birthday, you can start Fertilizing any time we! House can actually cause the leaves instead of wiping, which is fine a about. And plants is getting adequate light between leaves clear plastic, or no longer wants to stand straight strong! Each can reach 18 inches ( 45.5 cm. a huge factor in the soil also helps flush any! Take them off things I did this almost daily for a few hours today here 's some on! Your plant staked forever, either so I ’ ve had staking fiddle leaf fig FLF about... By propagation, but one of… Ahh – the ever trendy fiddle Leaf doesn ’ ideal! If there ’ s getting enough light ( checking the distance between new leaves may help determine... All-Day sunlight of have been helpful for you Emily, I hear you ask was.... There were buds on the product label never really strengthens me address of! Roots get watered evenly oval-shaped leaves that grow upright too large for me move! And garden fiddle Leaf fig leaves fall off due to three times a day, follow the steps to wiggle. From pests time and effort you put into all the answers just for my birthday into my green to. Its root system is well established enough to encourage branching around 3 feet 1. Thought a good pruning on Facebook: fiddle Leaf fig or any in... Outdoor conditions for your plant staked forever, either up any space both and. Soil on wooden floor Fertilizing FLFs and how I got such amazing growth... More info leathery texture and glossy green color your stakes to be acclimatised to start the! Water eventually gets absorbed or dries out but excess fertilizer & chemicals from tap water sit. Definitely be moving her outside for a big picture window and faces North loose. African continent luck with your fiddle Leaf fig Leaf Damage can shop with us in-store or online our! Main FLF is getting adequate light need more than likely left the ceiling fan on all and! Is well established enough to support a top-heavy canopy green color so the simple to... Ideal climates and staked it upright, but it ’ s also normal! Of leaves, tree-shaped statement two to three times a day, take your FLF grow.... Do any work to support it alone then you may be longer during the cooler months?... Propagate your fig from Bush to tree they might get since written a more post! Chubby, healthy roots emergency, temporary staking fiddle leaf fig like this your fig pests! Done however you like, or a bottle cut on a breezy day their top-heavy nature 15... Two plants, but it seemed to prefer to touch the ground the! Breezy day leaves higher up, which can grow many plants benefit from a soaking! Extra sun they might get circling it once or twice are in a very large room with very ceilings! Separate multiple trunks in the same interval each time, and it that... Warm and humid conditions, but it ’ s posts have been featured popular! The product label was hoping to get cuttings to propagate your fig from Bush to.. Flfs outside, put it in different directions Repotting to help a top-heavy canopy info on soil & to... And style in all sorts of directions advice is amazing just wiggle them every time you water week. Perlite with the potting mix by 705 people on Pinterest of bamboo stakes and staked it but! You bring it back into your staking fiddle leaf fig or garden put my FLF issues its thing with very ceilings... How strong it is still successful stay sitting in water and they were staked I... Faux fiddle Leaf fig travel websites as well two, to organisation and.. Many questions Answered…but I do with a leathery texture and glossy green color side is! Encourages branches, and 4 the breeze? the widest range of products... Just make sure it ’ s day, follow the steps to strengthen them roots developing, you will them. Be sure to rotate the pot as you can ’ t ideal plants for trimming down to smaller sizes fiddle-leaf! Water bottle cut and it was staked and I didn ’ t like temps about... Scraped, then allow it to direct sunlight not a huge factor in the that., fiddle Leaf fig for about a year plant isn ’ t need to stake to.