If you look up Boscobel on HMF, HonzaPM has a couple photos that include part of a hand for scale. In every pic, they're just the perfect specimens. They are completely mesmerizing. It's a great rose, too, which I highly recommend. I love my newly blooming Boscobel this second Spring. A new organization, Boscobel Restoration, Inc., is created to save the building and in a dramatic, down-to-the-last-minute effort led by Benjamin West Frazier, then President of the Putnam County Historical Society, enough funds were raised and paperwork signed to stop the demolition and acquire the remaining portions of the structure. Your are a great ambassador for David Austin. Looks like Boscobel has a much better habit than PAoK and the blooms seem to be upright. You've exceeded my paltry skills thus far! Best not to plant roses in soil where other roses have previously been planted. Boscobel has a nice rounded shape and doesn't grow the long candelabra canes like a lot of Austin roses do. Do you get rain during your rose season? These photos just make me more excited for it to grow!!! Compact growth, no "octopus" tendencies. Upright tidy shrub, yet bushy with good foliage cover. : ) On my laptop, I can see that's a crepe myrtle. If you are looking for an old English rose shape, I would suggest Father's love. It produces perfectly formed rich salmon rosettes. It is still growing, however, so I expect it to end up a little larger. View them and others here, Mold eradication was just the beginning for this Austin family's home on a creek bed — toxins of all kinds now don't make it past the door, Gutting the kitchen and master bath, an Austin couple gives a home they built themselves a contemporary facelift. I ordered another one. The first year, I hated the flat coral color. paint the back a deeper color and back light it. Large and full, though a tad smaller than PAoK. It is the worst performer in my garden. Can't wait to see some on my plant :). If you show your PAK pix to dianela, would you include the Boscobel as well? The only flaw I can see with PAoK is the blooms tend to nod due to heavy petals. During the weeks, Need help selecting new Exterior House paint for parents home, I have no idea why my photo was inserted in the middle of my last sentence in my submission above. Do you have a granite sink in the kitchen? Close × Share This Page. they're called vaulted ledges. Diane. Boscobel is approximately 60 miles north of New York City and close to many popular Hudson Valley towns such as Cold Spring and Beacon. I absolutely loved my boscobel . Personally I like the bloom form a bit better and the shrub form way better than PAoK. All I could find was something like this above the bed. Thanks for any and all information. Thank you guys--you're too nice. Besondere Rose Boscobel® günstig online bestellen schnelle Lieferung über 1000 Sorten Kauf auf Rechnung Kontakt Telefon: +49 9187 5729 Email: rosen@rosen-kalbus.de Mein Konto These delightful blooms are upward-facing and carried on strong stems. Thank you very much CC Stahl for your kind words. dianela, I just couldn't help myself. Thanks again, for saying all those nice things about my roses--believe me, they are not perfect! Read more. Yay!!! I like to take my words back on PAoK which I now LOVE! History of Boscobel Roses: Boscobel roses were first bred in 2012 in the United Kingdom by David Austin. Hi, Can anyone tell me if this rose is really the color in the David Austin Catalog or is it more of a light pink? I have been struggling to choose the right yellows to make a bed. It opens a very deep salmon and ages to "antique/romantic" pink. Lilyfinch if you read this, could you please give me an update in size in our area. In fact, the lady I spoke to said that her husband dropped their slow cooker into the sink (it slipped out of his hand) and the slow cooker cracked, but the sink remained in tact. Today it is … Dianela, you won't be disappointed in either Molineux nor Charlotte. First, Molineux rose is an extremely floriferous rose. After seeing your picture I am adding golden celebration to my list with molinoux, and charlotte ( hope I spelled them correctly). It grows at a fast rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for approximately 20 years. I was alarmed to find that, all the beautiful blooms which were bolt upright, collapsed downwards after a heavy shower. So far, I am very pleased with Bosco! I will research a little more into this and see what I can come up with, One more picture. Wallside and trellises, Low Maintenance, Cottage/Informal, City, Beds and borders. Sheila do you have any pictures your PAK you can share maybe on a different thread to not mess this one up. I definitely would get towards the organic, foresty, earthy side of the color wheel - sage, butternut, deep orange, slate blue etc. I do love the look on Boscobel in those photos. What is the yellow/cream rose next to it? Tastes have changed since 1959. I love this rose so much that I will move every other rose from this bed and fill it with Boscobels in the spring. That's beautiful!! I have one coming from David Austin Roses. Family Rosaceae . Looks like Boscobel will be a new release in Australia, so I would like to here your thoughts on this rose. People say that peonies don't like to be moved or disturbed. I was not pleased. Calif. zone 9? An exceptional medium size shrub that is quick to establish; Boscobel is destine The activity of 'stopping to smell the roses' can only be made sweeter by happening upon a variety bred for the intensity of its perfume. 'Boscobel ®' rose photographs contributed by breeders, nurseries and website members. Perhaps it gets better with age in this respect... That's sad to hear! However, in order to enjoy his delightful Myrrh fragrance, you should give him a few years to get established in your garden. × New and Unread Tree-Mails. It doesn't do the house justice. The Boscobel pix are gorgeous, just got this beauty today and can hardly wait to see how it performs in it's 1st season. Die Rosensorte Boscobel (Syn. Resents shade. I think Golden Celebration will be a great addition to your yellow roses, Dianela. See top picks from David Austin’s most fragrant roses in colors ranging from ivory to crimson, Ingham County Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, You’re Going to Want to Stop and Smell These Roses, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, Help me plan & please share your favorite fragrant purple/mauve roses. Rosa 'Boscobel'engelse roosrozen > engelse rozenzalmkleur100 cm. And colors of course. Therefore, he is a reliable rose … Boscobel is a great David Austin rose. It is very small, but has been blooming since may. My roses don't get black spot in our hot dry summers, so B is free from that. How is everyone's boscobel this year? Diane. We hear about what we are buying and planting so it's nice to hear how they have done after a few years . Throw in outstanding health, reliability and vigor….along with a 5-year guarantee from the website? They are heart stopping. Rosa ‘Boscobel’ was named after the wood in Shropshire where King Charles II hid from Cromwell’s soldiers during the Civil War. I would strongly recommend this rose to anyone in zone 7. Today, visitors to Boscobel are encouraged to explore the beautiful gardens and grounds that make up the 60-acre property. With a wonderful color range and repeat flowering, you couldn’t ask for a better rose. It sure does! It looks gorgeous and healthy but I really don't think I need another PINK DA. Houzz Tour: A Taste of Bali in Austin, Texas, Houzz Tour: Playing With Good Tension in Austin, Houzz Tour: Problem Solving on a Sloped Lot in Austin, Houzz Tour: New Tower Rises From a Midcentury Ranch House, Houzz Tour: Textured Concrete Studio in Texas, Houzz Tour: Unusual Mixes of Old and New in Texas, See Winning Modern Quilts on Display at QuiltCon 2015, Houzz Tour: A Texas Home Gets a Healthy, Fresh Start, My Houzz: Traditional Texas Home Gets Modern Revamp. Suggested uses. I'd say the color is slightly warmer than PAoK; when the blooms open fully you see a hint of yellow at the base of the petals. I know you didn’t ask me, but I figured I would show you the variation in color my Bosco has in case it helps. Le rosier anglais Boscobel® offre des fleurs en rosettes doubles, magnifiquement formées, dans une teinte très intense de rose saumon. I hope you enjoy blooms soon, this one is a keeper for our zone. They are easier to look after and have fragrance. Thank you dianela. I love those big blooms, but at times, they look boring raspberry/coral pink.